Control Tower

Control Tower


Monitor the vital signs of your logistics operations with a single control tower

Implementación Control Tower
Control Tower

Control Tower


Monitor the vital signs of your logistics operations with a single control tower

Implementación Control Tower
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Dashboards Control Tower

Increase visibility and take control of your operations


Control Tower uses a methodology that allows you to identify and prioritize key performance indicators (KPIs), in addition to enabling a continuous improvement process that synchronizes your supply chain. With this control tower, gain visibility of your operations to make the best decisions at the right time.

Dashboards Control Tower
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Have you noticed these problems in your operation?


Lack of visibility of key business results

  • Lack of control over operating processes

  • Lost sales

  • Corrective instead of preventive actions


Hard to access information

  • Inappropriate decision making

  • Inefficient reporting

  • Focus on the operation and not on solving business problems


Data and numbers overload

  • Confusion in the decision makers

  • Omission of relevant metrics and indicators

  • Irrelevant reports

Experience the power of Control Tower in your supply chain


Real-time analysis

Analyze information in real time at an operational, tactical and strategic level.


Key Performance Indicators

Make decisions based on KPIs and predictive analysis.


Centralized information

Integrate information from different systems.

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Mobile app dashboards

Visualize your entire operation in a mobile-friendly dashboard.


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Your supply chain in one place


Control Tower integrates data from different sources and centralizes the information of your operation in one place.



This logistics control tower generates useful information for your business through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence models and tools.



This technology analyzes data and trends to turn them into knowledge and prescriptive actions.



Control Tower brings together the information produced by the entire supply chain to view it in one place with Microsoft Power BI.


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Achieve a seamless management of your supply chain

Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to manually update the information?

No, ETL processes (extract, transform, load) are created to automate information download as often as necessary.

Can Control Tower get information from other systems, such as my ERP?

Yes, it is possible to create data extraction procedures from different sources to map the origin of each piece of information.

How can I identify which indicators I need to measure?

Netlogistik's Control Tower methodology allows you to identify the key business processes and factors to prioritize, design, and implement the KPIs that require attention.

What tool is used by Control Tower to visualize KPIs?

Control Tower operates with Microsoft's Power BI.

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