Voice Picking


Honeywell Voice: reach the highest levels of productivity and accuracy in your operations

Picking por voz

Voice Picking


Honeywell Voice: reach the highest levels of productivity and accuracy in your operations

Picking por voz
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Voice Picking

Increase the effectiveness of your picking processes.


Honeywell Voice frees your operators' hands and eyes through voice-directed workflows that help them fill and pack safely, accurately and efficiently. Equipped with a headband, workers receive precise instructions to carry out each of their tasks until the picking is completed quickly and on time.

Voice Picking
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Work different types of picking

Preconfigured picking workflows

  • Picking of boxes/box picking

  • Picking of parts/SKUs

  • Picking to container

  • Batch Picking

  • Cart Picking

  • Pick-and-Pass

Picking por voz

Voice throughout the warehouse

This system also catalyzes:

  • Refueling

  • Put-to-Store

  • Storage

  • Inventory counting

  • Consolidation

  • Shipment

Honeywell Voice

Working in frozen environments

Voice Picking hardware works in places with different temperatures. The devices and batteries have been tested under extreme conditions, and have demonstrated optimal performance in functionality and charge duration.

Voice Picking en ambientes congelados

Flexible and adaptable system


As picking processes become more sophisticated and the number of SKUs being moved through the warehouse increases, the operation must adapt to growth without sacrificing precision in the picking, packing, and shipping of orders.

Honeywell voz, software flexible y adaptable

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Collect, analyze and process information from your operators


As your partner during your technological transformation, we manage customized software and hardware projects that adapt to the complexity of your operation and improve your business practices.

Recolecta, analiza y procesa información de tus operadores
Icono_Check Real-time monitoring of performance and inventory levels
Icono_Check Implementation of continuous improvement processes
Icono_Check Decision making based on accurate information to anticipate changes in demand

Additionally, Honeywell Voice easily integrates with workforce management systems - such as Blue Yonder's Labor Management - and the most common Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Incremento de productividad

More than 30%

increase in productivity

Presición en el surtido

Up to 99.99%

picking accuracy

Disminución de errores

Up to 80%

error reduction

Reducción de mermas

Up to 30%

waste reduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What systems can Honeywell Voice integrate with?

It can be integrated with any WMS, such as Blue Yonder, SAP, WEP, among others, and with ERP, Legacy or in-house systems.

Does Honeywell Voice use Voice over IP technology?

No, this speech recognition platform is patented by Honeywell; transform speech to text and vice versa. Honeywell Voice consumes few network resources because only text travels over Wi-Fi.

How long does the implementation of a voice project take?

Typically, implementing a voice project takes 6-8 weeks.

Do I need a device for each worker using voice technology?

No, the device can be shared between shifts by different users.

What do you do in case a device breaks or is damaged?

Nelogistik has a certified service center that will repair the device and leave it in optimal condition.

Can batteries, accessories or consumables be purchased separately?

Yes, contact our sales team to request a quote.

With Honeywell Voice, pick more in less time and without errors


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