Transportation Efficiency and Productivity

Transportation Management System


Transportation Efficiency and Productivity: The TMS to Streamline Shipping and Boost Your Bottom

Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System


Transportation Efficiency and Productivity: The TMS to Streamline Shipping and Boost Your Bottom

Transportation Management System
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End-to-end management

End-to-End Transportation Management


Manage transportation with ease. Our TMS seamlessly syncs your entire process, from planning and tracking to freight settlement. Gain complete visibility into orders, shipments, and deliveries for efficiency and accuracy. Build stronger relationships with suppliers, carriers, and customers through reliable, on-time performance.

End-to-end management

Collaboration Ease

Develop operational synergies with carriers and facilitate collaboration.

Optimización de transporte

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Simplify deliveries with electronic POD signatures. Unlock instant proof & accurate data.

Control de tableros

360° Visibility

Gain total visibility of the transportation process with dashboards for data-driven.

Facilidad de colaboración

Transportation Optimization

Reduce your delivery cycle times through efficient loading, unloading, and delivery.

Achieve operational excellence and cost savings

Order Management


Generate shipments and manage orders at any time

  • Transport line catalogs

  • Destination rates

  • Real-time Insights

  • Effortless data transfer from any ERP


Shipment Planning


Efficiently plan all your shipments

  • Creation of transport requests

  • Configuration by business rules

  • Integration with routing and scheduling solutions

  • Full shipment transparency


Transport Selection


Assign the most appropriate carrier for each trip

  • Optimized fleet matching

  • Own or third-party transport lines

  • Track carrier performance

Track carrier performance

Travel Documentation


Generate all documents to manage shipments

  • Vehicle control document

  • Digital evidence management

  • Distribution center gate access control


Route Monitoring


Visualize and measure the performance of each delivery

  • Track movement history

  • Order traceability

  • Live delivery updates

  • Real-time incident tracking

  • E-Signatures & Evidence


Shipment Costing


Manage the cost of your shipments

  • Manage shipping costs

  • Review and approve charges

  • Calculate variable fees

  • Full cost breakdown


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Everything you need for a perfect delivery:

  • Track assigned routes

  • Log incidents instantly

  • Digital proof capture

  • Optimize delivery routes

  • Rate carrier performance

  • Full delivery insights

  • In-App support

Track assigned routes
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View the status of all your trips in real time.


Calculate direct and indirect costs through the costing sheet.

Charges associated with shipments

Use geofences and receive approach alerts.


Capture delivery proofs and digital signatures through a mobile app.

Mobile application
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Ensure that each of your deliveries is perfect


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Does TEP have connections to external systems?

Yes, it can connect to ERP, WMS, and routing systems.

Can I track my trips with TEP?

Yes, this transportation management system has a tracking module that allows real-time visualization of trip information.

How much does the solution cost?

We have different plans that fit your needs.

Is it possible to generate shipping labels?

Yes, this transportation management system has connections to courier services.

Can I control the cost of my shipments from TEP?

Yes, by reviewing charges, you can manage the freight cost and record additional charges generated during the trip.


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