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Warehouse Management System


Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity is the WMS that grows your business and gives you a competitive advantage

Sistema de gestión de almacenes
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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Efficiency and Productivity is the WMS that grows your business and gives you a competitive advantage
Sistema de gestión de almacenes
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Solución de software para operaciones de almacén

Warehouse Management System to control your warehouse processes


Successfully managing warehouse processes is not an easy task; you need great discipline and precision to register every movement of materials. With this Warehouse Management System, streamline your processes and gain an end-to-end control over your daily operations, from the reception of merchandise in the distribution center to its exit. Ensure order fulfillment, a high productivity, and real-time visibility of your whole inventory.

Solución de software para la gestión de almacenes

Improve service levels and order accuracy

Control de inventarios

Inventory control

Real-time inventory visibility, traceability and accuracy

Aprovechamiento del espacio

Space optimization

Optimization of physical spaces and storage capacity

Gestión de la fuerza laboral

Workforce utilization

Increased productivity

Gastión de procesos

Process management

Flow of materials, people, equipment and information

Control of your warehouse operations

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Appointments Schedule

  • Scheduling appointments to suppliers

  • Control of arrival, unloading and departure times

  • Managing platforms



  • With or without purchase order

  • Different units of measure (SKU, box, pallet, etc.)

  • Digital register with radiofrequency terminal

  • Quality inspection


Wave Planning

  • Generation of logical and efficient routes

  • Consolidated or by order

  • FIFO and FEFO policies

  • Configuration of different allocation policies



  • Picking per pallet, box, piece, etc.

  • Consolidated picking per order

  • Picking groups by areas and product type

  • Picking to paper, radiofrequency, voice picking and cell phone

  • Prioritization of urgent orders



  • Functionality for e-commerce

  • Order packing management

  • Bulk picking

  • Printing shipping guides for packers



  • Auditing boxes and/or pallets

  • Managing boarding platforms

  • Reporting products shipped by route and/or order


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Exactitud en inventarios

Up to 98%

inventory accuracy

Reducción de inventario

Up to 25%

inventory reduction

Aumento de la productividad

Up to 40%

increase in productivity

Disminución de costos

Up to 35%

reduction in operating costs

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CCU - Farmapronto
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Increase the productivity of your warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

What savings are expected when implementing a WMS?

This WMS significantly reduces personnel costs, inventory maintenance costs, picking costs and shipping errors, product waste, among other factors. Netlogistik can also assist you in ROI analysis.

What support does Netlogistik provide?

We have a help desk that provides 24/7 service in English and Spanish. 100% of the tickets are attended directly by Netlogistik and we can deploy support on site in the event of a crisis.

What is the implementation process like?

Based on the best practices of the Project Management Institute®, Netlogistik developed the ATOS methodology, which is designed to adapt to the client's objectives and the complexity of the project.

How are integrations to other systems carried out?

Our Integrator program works via Web Services; it manages incoming and outgoing transactions, guaranteeing that the information is transmitted correctly. The integrator can communicate with any other system, for example, an ERP.


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