Delivery Management


Agile deliveries and satisfied customers with FarEye

Delivery Management

Delivery Management


Agile deliveries and satisfied customers with FarEye

Delivery Management
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Perfect deliveries, friction free


Delivery Management, FarEye's intelligent delivery management platform, helps provide personalized delivery experiences to your customers, improves the functionality and profitability of your business, and increases the visibility of the entire process of multimodal deliveries, long haul, first and last mile.

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Simplified management from start to finish

Delivery Orchestration

Overcome challenges from the first to the last mile with FarEye's intelligent, 100% configurable solution.

  • Automatic order allocation

  • Automatic dispatch

  • Planning based on Machine Learning

  • Routing based on real-time traffic changes

  • Customer support chatbot

  • Tracking app

  • Predictive alerts and notifications

  • KPI dashboard


Real time visibility

Share critical information and facilitate collaboration between each of the links in your supply chain.

  • Predictive ETAs

  • Configurable visibility by role

  • Control tower

  • Real time monitoring for shippers

  • Updates via chatbot

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Ability to integrate with 3PL providers

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration


Delivery Experience

Ensure the loyalty of your clients by creating unique and consistent experiences that drive sales.

  • Customers can select delivery times

  • Instant order tracking for the end customer is available

  • Special instructions to ensure delivery

  • Open collaboration with couriers (crowdsourcing)

  • Onboarding of couriers, incentives, and gamification

  • Secure contact between the courier and the end customer

  • Digital proof of delivery (POD)

  • 100% customizable branding

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Exceptional deliveries for all types of operations

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Exceptional deliveries

for all types of operations


Delivery services







Alimentos y abarrotes

Food and groceries

How does FarEye Delivery Management work?

Some of FarEye's clients

Amway y DHL
Dominos y Hilti
UPS y Walmart

Frequently Asked Question

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How do I know if FarEye will work well for my business?

FarEye works in small, medium, and large companies with different business models and platforms. This solution is highly configurable and intuitive, but to better answer your question, we need to get to know you. Leave us your information in this form and we will get in touch to advise you.

How does FarEye integrate with my ERP or WMS?

FarEye allows for a two-way information exchange with technologies such as ERP, CRM, TMS and WMS.

What is crowdsourcing for couriers?

Courier crowdsourcing is an Uber-like delivery staff employment system where ordinary people carry out last-mile deliveries with their own means of transportation, taking the product from stores or warehouses to the customer's door. FarEye allows any business to operate under this model with applications for the courier, dispatcher, and customer.

What is “gamification”?

Gamification is a dynamic in which couriers compete to achieve certain goals and earn incentives. This helps motivate them to improve their performance and promotes learning.

Reduce delivery costs and improve the quality of your service


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